New Graphic Profile and Smart Web for Stratsys


Having used HubSpot for their blogs and landing pages Stratsys was yearning for more insight as they moved towards a new, international market. As their digital agency, we at Dazy Digital took on the challenge with a holistic approach. We quickly realized that Stratsys not only needed a new, smarter website, but also a complete makeover in the visual department.


Stratsys helps organizations simplify and streamline their work processes. With help from a flexible platform, everything from strategic planning to internal audit and sustainability work can be quickly and smoothly planned, implemented and followed up, saving users time and resources. The platform offers a large number of solutions with tools that can be customized for each customer.

After 18 years on the Swedish market, with many customers in the public sector, Stratsys wanted to expand their horizons. A new strategy focusing on international markets and private companies demanded a complete overhaul of the brand concept as well as website structure and communication. And HubSpot was the given choice to accomplish all of that.

The Problem

With an outdated graphic profile and lack of international focus Stratsys had no communication strategy for their new venture and needed help. Also, their old website did not provide enough insights into their existing visitors behavior and wishes, and was not scalable. This needed to change.

The Solution

Stratsys’ vision of reaching an international market and attracting more private companies came with a goal of being perceived as a more modern tech company. A company that live as they learn and have a website that exudes the same ”simplicity” they give their customers. Stratsys’ wishes resulted in a complex project that involved all of our areas of expertise: brand strategy, design, copy and development.

We produced a new website structure, modern web design, copy for all main pages, illustrations, icons and a shiny new brand book including new logotype, typefaces and colors. We also created a new brand story and communication platform.

The icing on the cake was the final migration of the entire website from Stratsys’ old CMS to HubSpot CMS. Thanks to this, Stratsys can now work with Inbound Marketing on their own and control the content of the website themselves, as HubSpots CMS is modular and built smart to be able to optimize customer workflows and keep content alive.

Stratsys can now measure and analyze every aspect of their web traffic and build smart pages that will increase their conversion and educate their customers.

Some of the templates we built in HubSpot CMS

  • Page Template with flexible modules – Can be used on most pages
  • Knowledge Hub Template – Gathering posts from all of their blogs
  • Single Blog Post Template – Two versions depending on what blog
  • Landing Page Template – For converting interested visitors to leads
  • Pillar Page Template – For building SEO pages and educating visitors


New home page

Startsidan för nya Stratsys

Old home page

Stratsys Old Home Page

Knowledge Hub

Visit Stratsys new website


The results

Despite just launching their new website this month, Stratsys has already seen an increase in some areas. For example 14,99% more visitors to their blogs, but a whopping 106,78% increase in blog subscribers compared to the same period before launch.

106,78% increase in blog subscribers


Now the work with creating new and exiting landing pages, content offers and pillar pages begins for Stratsys. We look forward to seeing their progress and are confident that they will succeed with their ambition to go global with HubSpot as a foundation.

Stratsys Visitkort